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Understanding PTSD

Complex PTSD and the symptoms - trauma responses created from it.

Complex Post Traumatic stress disorder are like frozen time capsules of memories that we have stored away that pop up in many ways and can trigger us. These triggers can hit us in many ways such as emotional outburst, Physical pain, or debilitating anxiety.

We often ask why this is happening to me, where did this come from, how can I make this go away!

Most of the time these triggers stem from traumas the occurred as a child or adolescent age when we are most vulnerable, though these can also develop from traumas in adulthood as well. Pinpointing the time and trauma that created these symptoms will help you understand the exact event that has caused this issue and let go the energy that is held within the mental, emotional, physical layers of the body. Different symptoms that are created from complex PTSD can be Self Esteem issues, Addictions, promiscuity, developmental arrests, attachment disorders, radical mood swings, disassociation/Social anxiety, oversensitive to stress, suicidal ideation, and passive suicidality.

Dealing with Complex PTSD we develop nature and or nurture responses such as to Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn. These behaviors come out as automatic responses to a stressful situation. When healing the trauma from its root, we can then set a different way of handling the way we respond to things when confronted with them in the future. Once you get to a healed point you then can look back and realize we do not to suffer from the past or hate ourselves for choices or actions from ourselves or others. We need to know that our trauma is valid and is something we can learn from and not be victimized by or held prisoner to.

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