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Healing Modalities 

Healing treatment will be specific to each individual clients needs.

Energetic Realignment

Bringing the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical Bodies back into alignment. This will help energetic flow within the body. 

Chakra Cleansing and Aura Repair

Opening the Chakras/vortexes will help balance physical body. Traumas and abuses will affect the Organ system of the body and the emotional body.

The Auric field is directly connected to the major Chakras/Vortexes in the body, if the Auric field is not clear this will have a direct effect on the chakras and the rest of the body will suffer.

Having Chakra centers open, and Auric field repaired will bring health and balance to your mental and physical well-being.

Energy Cord cutting and Dissolving

We have energetic cords we create with everyone we connect with this includes Genetic cords with our Parents. Relationship cords, relations we have with others i.e., Family, Friends, lovers etc. and Past life cords. These cords have a direct connection to our energetic field and can affect us in many ways.

Genetic-Relational Cords with parents can only be healed not severed, this will benefit from unresolved issues or trauma that has occurred. 

Relationship and past life cords can be cut and dissolved so these people cannot have any attachment to your energy field any longer.  

Timeline Clearing 

Timeline clearing is pinpointing events in your life that have had a substantial effect on your life. 

understanding these events and why they happened can help us target what needs to be healed specifically. This is one of the crucial healings that needs to be done in the full compressive healing process.

The events in this outline will help us understand what is holding onto your progression of fully healing.

Spiritual Clearing

Spiritual Clearing will be a process of three weeks to get through, this will be a process of clearing out negative energy from your energetic system that has been sent to you or even held from past lives. this clearing will resolve any dark attachments, hexes, curses, spells, Implants, Negative ETs etc.

This will help with any Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Delusions, disorganized thinking, abnormal behavior issues, Auric weakening, and any other negative symptoms in the body.

This process will release you from anything holding you back from your full potential, healing many issues in all layers of your being. This will be a three-week process and will be guided to insure you have plenty of support during this time.

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Calming Practices such as breathing techniques and meditations will be provided as well as Protection declarations and a healing plan specific to your healing journey. Each individual is responsible for the success of their healing by the effort they put forth given the tools and practices provided. Given the knowledge and guidance with each service provided you will be guaranteed to see a difference in your self-growth and healing

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