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Breathing Methods and other Tips to help de-stress

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We have the capacity to govern our mind, body, and emotions with our breath.

Here is a breathing technique that should help to calm the body from chronic stress.

Quick Tip:

2 Breaths in through the Nose, 4 Breaths out of the mouth

3 Times concentrating on the breath

Keeping our Body well oxygenated.

Often, we don't realize we are constantly breathing incorrectly. Breathing from the mouth creates excessive cortisol levels, creating adrenal fatigue. Supercharging feelings of Fear, worry, depression, panic, and negative thoughts. Lowering the production of serotonin, the natural chemical that helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Being aware of your breath is the first marker to why you may be feeling these symptoms of stress, lack of sleep, and creating the fight or flight feeling.

Breathe in through the nose, Push out of your mouth and down through your stomach.

Physically feel it, Communicating to the brain. You are restoring the body with the oxygen the brain and the blood cells need to restore itself to its optimal health.

Communicating this to your body will help you to breath consciously and be more aware when you are shallow breathing out of your mouth instead of through your nose.

Other Tips:

Mer and Frankincense Oils can help with de-stress

Clearing your home of stagnant energy with Sage

Epsom Salt Baths to cleanse your Auric Energy.

Grounding yourself by a tree, barefoot recharging the energy of your physical body

Meditation with Crystals; Selenite, Opalite, Moonstone, Black tourmaline

396Hz, 528Hz Sound Frequency Healing, soundtracks can be found on YouTube under ZenlifeRelax, Spirit Tribe Awakening, and Meditative Mind.

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