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Earths Energy and How we respond to it.

We are the keepers of this garden and are energetically connected to her energetic grid.

The Earth is going through a massive energetic shift at this moment in time due to the Solar flares that are being ejected into our atmosphere. If you are empathic, you can feel in in more ways than one. We can feel these shifts in all layers of our body. The effect we feel can be labeled as "ascension symptoms" or spiritual awakening. When feeling these symptoms, it can literally stop us in our tracks causing us to rethink life, change our daily routine, even seek deeper insight within ourselves, or find a doctor to find out what is going on internally.

It's as if one day you wake up and say where am I? why am I here? and Am I dying?

Yes, I too had these questions!

We are energetic beings, everything in the universe of form or matter, is comprised of energy, of 'vibration'. As an energy being of pure spirit whose core intelligence is Soul and as a soul vibratory 'spiritual' energy being. The fact that the energetic layer of our body is tied to the earth means it is going through changes and can make us feel floaty, sick, disorientated, have body aches, heart palpitations, and anxiousness. Grounding yourself to the earth barefoot can be a quick fix to help these symptoms subside or even helping the symptoms go away completely.

There are many methods of grounding that you can do to help you feel better during this time of these huge influx of energies hitting our planet. Tracking the Schumann Resonance, The Earths "heartbeat" monitor to see how these energies are relative to your physical reactions during these peaks or lows will help you understand how your body is responding to these energies and not react so seriously. I recommend always seeing a physician when you feel these sensations but when they find that there is no diagnosis, you can pretty much understand it is your energetic body responding to the energies outside of itself.

Checkout the link below to follow the Schumann meter.

Tracking The Schumann Resonance of the Earth -Earths energetic heartbeat

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