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Healing Guide in the Garden

 Spiritual Healing for your Emotional, Mental, and Physical Wellbeing

Understanding our Energtic Body

Spiritual Healing 

What is Spiritual Health?

The spiritual health definition is simple – your inner state of wellness. When one is spiritually healthy, the mind and body are in perfect balance. You function at peak capacity, living your best physical and emotional life.

This deep healing of the spiritual body is:

  • A natural energy therapy

  • Non-Invasive

  • Complements conventional treatment

  • Holistic

What Issues are addressed in this healing:

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Complex PTSD

  • Childhood/Adult Trauma

  • Behavioral Issues 

  • Body Pain 

  • Negative thoughts and emotions of self or others


Clearing and cleansing the energetic layer of the body is extremely important to your overall health and mental wellbeing.

When trauma occurs at any time in our lives this can affect the energetic layer of our body causing tears in our auric field and injury to our chakra system (energetic fields in body).

Not having free flow of this energetic system in our body can create health problems relating to area of injury within this energetic center. Through analysis of life events, we can pinpoint area of trauma and heal these layers and centers affected.

Recalibrating the energetic system and bring balance and a healthy flow to create better health and a healthy mind.

What to expect after a full comprehensive healing session

  • Maintain a healthy Energetic Hygiene - Disconnecting from negative energy attachments

  • Daily protection regiment for protections around your energy field

  • Better health and less pain 

  • Understanding your power of self-healing

  • Healthy self-talk and positive mind chatter

  • Having healthy boundaries and better relationships with others

  • Corrective skills to triggers or trauma responses 

  • Keeping your home and energy around you clean, clear, and protected

  • Self-Love and Trust

  • Grounded and more Self-confidence 

  • Consciously living in a higher frequency and higher state of being

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